Luica  –  this are the combined initial letters of my name  – Luigi Cavalieri. My first camera has been an old mechanical Leica, where my fascination started for cameras and fine art photography. Today I am using mainly system cameras from Fujifilm. In the digital age, the Fujifilm X system brought me back the joy and the feeling, to work with classic but highly advanced, well designed and very portable photographic tools.
LuicaPhoto? I am focused on three main objectives:
Good photography. Being aware the today’s abundance of so many excellent professional or semipro photo sites presenting often fascinating pictures and stories, I feel myself committed to present selected pictures only, worth to have a look at. They are organized in viewing themes or blogs and cover travel, street, stage&event and available light photography. You can also visit or follow me on social photo site as flickr.
Camera system review and development. I want to talk about handling, usability, personal customization and preferences, pros and cons, and anticipate what should come next. Those own reviews are organized as a few blogs under the menu Fuji X-System. I am not so much interested in pure technical reviews, repeating known facts and specifications.
Exchanging and connecting ideas – I welcome comments and discussions, when they are expressed with substance and appreciation. I am not a friend of endless discussions narrowing down to minor points of being right or wrong. So, I hope you will enjoy this small photo site & you may add a comment if you like.


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